Welcome to The first ever

cannabis-friendly, all-inclusive art class. 


Think "canvas and cocktails", but with a cannabis twist. 


Join Denver-based painter Heidi Keyes and her crew for a casual and creative 2-hour smoking session, while you follow along with her step-by-step instructions to create your own mind-altered masterpiece (or get inspired and completely follow your own whims - up to you!). Classes only hold up to 20 students to allow for individual attention, an easy-going, relaxed atmosphere, and joint-passing ease. 


"The evening of painting helped me discover Brittany again. After the class I felt renewed. Radiant... I would highly (pun intended) recommend Puff, Pass & Paint for someone looking for a solo excursion or date night. It provides a unique outlet to express whatever it is you want to."

- Brittany Driver, The Cannabist


"This was - by far - one of the coolest experiences our team had in Denver. The vibe was mellow, and the food was great... if you're headed to Colorado, YOU SHOULD SIGN UP FOR THIS CLASS. Why, you ask? As if you need more convincing - but you can actually smoke here."  - ABC Media Fusion


Sponsored by L'Eagle Services, LLC 



Must be 21 or over.





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